Sales and distribution


Language command and understanding of culture are important elements in succeeding in any market and especially in France. More and more French business people speak English but remain uncomfortable with doing business other than in French.


Our many years of acquaintance with B2B and B2C business culture and practices in France and other French speaking countries, will help you to overcome the hurdles of sales development.    


We are perceived by many clients as their “extension” in France as we go “Hands-on” into the entire sales process, which means:


·          Strategic sales planning


o    Partner for the Danish management regarding distribution

    set-up, organization, administration etc.

o    Preparation of business plans


·          Search, selection and implementation of new business partners


o    Screening of the market for potential distributors, agents,

    whole sellers, retailers, key accounts, etc.

o    Selecting and meeting of potential partners based on decided


o    Negotiations of agreements

o    Preparing and organization of the start-up activities

    (documentation, training program, etc.)

o    Preparing and implementation of activity plan for the

    commercial start-up


·          Setting-up of distribution


               In extension to search and selection of new distributors,

               retailers etc., an activity plan can be prepared and

               implemented to get the maximum output of the

               commercial start-up.


               In connection with this, AT Development can:


o    Prepare general planning in cooperation with the marketing

    and sales organization

o    Prepare and implement an activity plan with each partner

o    Follow up on activity plans

o    Launch new products

o    Organize product training

o    Etc.


·          Carrying out sales on short and long term 


               AT Development also works as agent for Danish companies

               which wants AT Development to take care of their activities

               on as well short as long term basis. Every “agent”-agreement

               is specially adapted to the needs and ambitions of each client

               to assure flexibility in the partnership.